• Crafted in the USA

    Tungsten Block is an American block-making company that produces beautifully crafted cubes of pure tungsten from our home in Illinois, USA.

    Block-making is an art, and throughout our meticulous crafting process, we focus on attention to detail and exceptional build quality.

    Rare and Unique

    Tungsten is a rare metal with unique properties, found deep in the earth.

    We work with mines across the USA to source the highest quality tungsten to put in our blocks, making them a unique addition to any art collection.

    Weight Like No Other

    The stunning weight-to-size ratio of our blocks is, literally, unbelievable, which is what makes holding tungsten for the first time such a remarkable experience.

    The Perfect Gift

    Our blocks make the ultimate gift for special occasions.

    Gift a Tungsten Block to friends & family and see their astonishment when they feel the weight of an authentic Tungsten Block.

The Genesis...

Time began for our cubes in the 1950s, when our production team discovered the wonders of tungsten and embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted tungsten cubes of exceptional quality.

Inspired by a love for this rare and unique metal, our blocks had to be sculpted to a superior standard, beyond that which any other tungsten craftsmen could possibly rival.

Our team acquired considerable investment over the years and are now proud to have developed a state-of-the-art tungsten crafting facility - occupied by engineers with more tungsten knowledge than any other specialist in the field.

All cubes come with ISO certification and each are designed to appeal to those who share our passion for, and appreciation of, the engineering mastery behind our beautiful Tungsten Blocks.

We hope you enjoy the same intense gratification when you hold and become an owner of a Tungsten Block, as we do in creating one.


We receive a broad range of questions about our amazing Tungsten Blocks.
Below we have answered a few of these questions, to help answer any queries you may have…

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The word tungsten means “heavy stone” in Swedish.
It is a rare metal found naturally in the Earth, with the chemical symbol “W”.

First discovered in the 1700s, it is hugely resistant to corrosion and is remarkable for its strength, density (at 19.3 grams per cubic centimetre!), and the fact that it has the highest melting point of any element except for carbon, at 3,410 °C - that’s almost the temperature of the surface of the sun!

Ask Mother Nature!

...and science
There are more atoms packed into tungsten than most other elements. This means that the metal is extremely dense, which is why it will be harder for you to pick up.
Did you know that tungsten is 2.5x heavier than steel!

What a question!
Tungsten Blocks are the perfect gift for people of all ages and backgrounds!
Whether for a birthday, anniversary or wedding gift; the long lasting robustness and amazing feel of our blocks make them the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Yes! We ship out a small acrylic stand with each of our cubes.

Once you've placed your order, we aim to dispatch your block within 24 hours.

Please see our shipping times below:

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How Your Block Is Crafted

At our workshop here in the USA, we use precision moulding technology.

Your Tungsten Block goes through a process known as powder metallurgy.

Starting off as tungsten powder, we press your block into a precision crafted mould and heat it up to around 1200°C which fuses your block together.

This is how we ensure that your block stays 99.99% pure tungsten.

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